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Swimming with Shark In Tahiti 2.0

First thing on list of thigns to do after surfing, is going swimming with the sharks again

Jacqui chasing stingray with GoPro ( now for Jacqui, that's a big deal, she got stung by one of those a while ago, the pain is so bad, that when it happend to my dad, he actually just asked the doctor to just kill him as the pain was so bad ) anyway, we are back again swimming with the sharks, we did so just under 2 years ago - click here to see those pics - and been wanting to do it again ever sincebeautiful creatures look at Jacqui go still not that comfortable with those rays swimming around :-) some needlefish here it comes gliding towards me awesome woauw well that was fun, water was a bit stirred up so not as clear, but still, so stoked to have been able to do this for a second time Thanks Benji

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